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Photo Manipulations are ALWAYS appreciated...

anyone feel like doing anything to my pix? Just drop me a note and let me know what your using and a copy of the finished product.

love you all bunches
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I need a new one...the one i have is TERRIBLY old...and Id like something new...but I suck at the whole graphic and photoshop thing so if someone would pls pls pls make me a new one id be terribly grateful!!!

If you wanna use one the stocks I already have uploaded GREAT...if you have a new idea or concept you want me to photograph drop me a line and Ill do my BEST!!!

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Its simple...Id like to have something like this done for me...…

send me a note or a reply if interested

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If you guys could just check out some of the many stock photos I have recently and not so recently added to my gallery. Please...feel free to use ANYTHING in my gallery to enhance or play around with or anything really. Have fun. Siply drop me a note telling me which photo you wish to use, what your intentions are, and simply leave me a finished copy apon complettion. Thats all I ask.

IF YOU HAVE ANY REQUEST PLEASE LEAVE ME A NOTE TELLING ME WHAT YOUR ASKING FOR! Also leave me a side note for what your intentions for this request are...enhancement, playing around , theme, just simply let me know and if its at all possible for me to photograph for you then I certainly will.

<3 Liz
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Im currently working on Zombie Death...

Writer-Director Christopher Hutchinson takes the zombie film to a new level (and we're not sure it's a level that ever should have been seen). In this satire of the horror genre, you meet stereotypical, token characters and some of the oddest zombies ever created. You'll enjoy low production values (not to mention low moral values), and more gore than you'd think could be crammed into a twenty minute short film.

Jackson and Daphne are just trying to have some cheap pre-marital sex, when the zombie invasion of Baltimore starts. Follow the thrills as they try and get out alive (yeah, like that'd be any fun)! The warped mind of Christopher Hutchinson pokes fun at some of the best zombie films ever made. Nothing is sacred.

Filmed on location in and around Christopher Hutchinson's Baltimore, Maryland home, Zombie Death in 20 Minutes or Less! uses real locations to create the look of the film. Christopher has assembled a highly talented cast and crew for this film. An original score by William "Shaggy" Chrapcynski, with additional music by the nationally renowned acoustic gothic musician, Voltaire, custom costuming by Melee Stormbringer, and wonderful makeup effects by Eva Rodriguez all help to flesh out the film.
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So recently my brother and I got into doing gore and zombie make up and effects. Last night I want to his house and did a photoshoot of my makeup, his friends, and this severed hand he made. You can find all that and more on www.zombiesareforlovers.blogsp…. Im gonna be posting some of the shots I took last night on here as well. BOOKMARK THAT BLOG if u like what u see. Leave many many comments with suggestions and feedback. Its greatly appreciated...espcially since my brother will be doing it for a movie soon. ^___^

On Going Me

Fri Jun 3, 2005, 5:28 PM
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So I got the job at :target: I start there my first day of summer vacation...o joy...o rapture....ill buy a new camera if i get a discount..!!! I need some new work...any suggestions?? :slamshead: I love the new pic i posted...the concept is probably the best ive ever done :horns: Something i wanted to do for a while...maybe ill make it more anime n dress as a school girl shooting ^_^ Hawt.

Anyone use PhotoImpact? Or Paintshop Pro 8?

So i just posted quite a few new deviations. All of which are available as STOCK..just let me know if you or anyone you know of would like to work with them. ^_^ Im also thinking of making a stock account..If anyone has any information on that Id appreciate a little look into it before i actually make it. Also do you guys agree that i should? Id like an opinion. ^.^

So Ive just posted a new ID..and i absolutely love it. Its beautiful and i appreciate all the time and work that :iconoviblion2: put into it. All credit goes to him..i simply took the photo but he made it beautiful. Thank you ever so much <33

Ive been really at a lapse lately...i havnt been inspired to do any photos..yet Id really like to. So im leaveing it up to my "fans" Those keeping watch on me and would like to see a certain type of photo or have an suggestions on what i should do. I wanna just get moving again on photography and i need sum help. So leave comments or note me with suggestions or requests <3 Thanx *JeStEr*

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